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O gauge kit range

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Welcome to N Brass Loco

Kits and parts for N, OO and O.

'N' 250 plus parts to detail locos, kits for locos, N narrow gauge, lineside and OHLE..

 'OO' locomotives, Wickham Trolleys, OO9, lineside and OHLE..

 '3mm' light yard or travelling crane.

 'O' Lady Margaret, Wickham Trolleys, On30 and O16.5, OHLE and Rolling Roads.


To All Isolate and Keep Safe

New rules are in place and we will observe them.  We will work from home where we have plenty of stamps and envelopes.

Orders will be filled when; they are received by email or phone,  paid for via paypal, can be posted in a postbox (on our once daily dog walk),  can be delivered through a typical letter box.

Isolate and Keep Safe


OLE Portals


N gauge

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ring - 01384 250478

post - N Brass Locos

32 Crendon Rd,

Rowley Regis,

West Mids. B65 8LE


Email your list, we will confirm items are in stock and send a Paypal invoice.

Minimum order 5 ex p&p.



At this time no real world exhibitions are taking place.  Virtual exhibitions can be found on the net.


Hoped forShows


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