UPDATED  7 April 2020

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Rolling Roads for O and S7


Rolling Road for O gauge


A test bed to run in steam and diesel locos.  Rolling Road for O gauges and Scale 7.  The N Brass Rolling Roads have two separate guides which carry the supports.  Because each guide and it's supports are self contained the pair of guides can be set any distance apart allowing a Road to be used for several gauges.

Coned rollers support the driving wheels, these are of soft brass to minimize wear on the loco tyres.  Bogie and tender wheels rest on flat supports.  All supports are electrically live and carry power to the motor, all supports slide into postion to match the wheelbase of the loco under test.  Suitable for DCC programming.

Roads need an electrically conductive oil to work properly, e.g. Peco Power Lube. (WD40 is not suitable).




6041 Pacific Road.  Takes up to a Pacific and tender, a 2-8-0 and tender, or a Bo Bo diesel, and all smaller locos.


6042 Diesel Road.  Takes up to a Bo Bo diesel and all smaller locos.


6043 0-6-0 Road.  Takes up to a 0-6-0 and tender, a 2-6-4T or an 0-6-0 diesel, and all smaller locos.


6051 Roller support for a driven axle to expand any of the above roads.



Static support for a non driven axle to expand any of the above roads.



All Roads need a good electrically conductive oil to work properly.  A suitable oil is Peco Power Lube.






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