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Tender Mounted Drive for N gauge


This drive adapts the popular Farish chassis allowing small prototypes to be modelled.  It can be used with proprietary, kitbuilt and scratchbuilt bodies.


N gauge tender mounted drive steam loco


The drive allows

    small prototypes to be modelled,

    extra weight to be put above the driving wheels,

    the modeling of daylight under the boiler.

The compact gear unit replaces the Farish motor and releases space occupied by the magnet and pole pieces.  A motor in the tender drives the gears through a shaft and two universal joints.  It is possible to reverse the orientation of the drive which allows the chassis to be reversed.

The drive is easy to fit.  Positive location is provided by the design which sits either side of the chassis.  Fixing is by glue or double sided tape.  The open frame gives easy access for lubrication.

The drive uses the original gears and does not alter the gear ratio.  However, the running properties of the chassis are changed by choosing a motor with the characteristics you require. Any motor with a 1.5mm shaft can be used.  The Tender Mounted Drive comes with detailed fitting instructions.

Suitable motors are available from Branchlines, P.O. Box 4293, Westbury BA13 9AA.





Tender mounted drive n gauge steam loco


The drive comprises 3 units.

The gearbox which sits aside the Graham Farish chassis and replaces the motor.  3 sizes of gearbox are included in the kit to suit the different Farish chassis.

The universal joint which transfers the drive from the motor to the gearbox.  The length of the Universal joint can be varied.

The motor mount, 2 sizes of motor mounted are included.


n gauge tmd tender mounted drive steam loco



The kit contains 3 gearbox etches to suit the different Farish chassis.

Ver A, narrow and short, A = 8.2mm, B =6.0mm, C = 6.6mm.

Ver B, narrow and long, A = 12.5mm, B =6.0mm, C = 6.6mm.

Ver C, wide and long, A = 12.5mm, B =6.3mm, C = 6.6mm.





DISCLAIMER  The Tender Mounted Drive is designed to fit Graham Farish chassis manufactured at Poole, or Graham Farish manufactured in China to the Poole design.  At times Graham Farish make improvements which alter the chassis design.  While N Brass cannot be held responsible for any problems resulting, we like to know of changes and will offer practical advice.




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