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Peckett 040st body kit N gauge



Model built by D. Rutherford.

Peckett E Class 0-4-0ST for Industrial Railways, the GWR and preservation.



Peckett built 763 standard gauge tanks of which 56 were Class E tanks.  They were supplied to industrial users and main line railways.  Peckett engines had a distinctive appearance and were easy to spot.  Several Peckett tanks are preserved.

The class E 0-4-0ST are well known from their use in Swansea docks.  They were first supplied in 1906 to the Swansea Harbour Trust.  The SHT was taken over by the Great Western Railway and the GWR became part of British Railways.  Through out this time the Peckett engines remained in use at the docks.  The last engine to work there was withdrawn in 1963.

Peckett 040st N gauge


Peckett 040st kit N gauge


Kit Details

Kit is etched brass with tab and slot location of parts.  Kit includes alternative parts i.e. wing plates, to model the differences between engines.  It also includes parts to build the kit for 2mm scale.

Fittings, e.g. chimney, safety valve, etc, varied between individual members of the class.  For a particular loco fittings can be selected from the N Brass range or N Brass can supply a set of fittings for an industrial loco or a set for a GWR loco.

The kit is designed to fit the N Drive Productions chassis with 12mm wheelbase and 8.5mm diameter wheel.

Kit needs chassis, fittings, adhesive/solder, paint, number/nameplate and transfers to complete.


Options for Peckett E class

28501  Body etches.  17.00.

28502  Body etches with saddle tank formed and assembled.  23.00.

28503  Body etches with 3D printed saddle tank.  25.00.

28504  Set of fittings to model an industrial E class.  15.50.

28505  Set of fittings to model a GWR E class.  15.50.

Handrail knobs and wire are not included in fittings sets.

28506  Saddle tank 3D print.  8.00  picture





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