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BR, Southern, SECR L Class 4-4-0 for N


L class 4-4-0 built using N Brass etches



L class 4-4-0 on a Farish chassis and using additional parts

L class 4-4-0 loco for SECR, Southern and BR.



L Class 4-4-0 locomotives were built by the South Eastern and Chatham Railway from 1913 on.  22 were built for main line expresses.  All locos entered British Railways stock and the last were withdrawn by BR in 1961.

For all of their life they were used on passenger trains, stepping down from main line expresses to secondary services.


Kit Details

Etches that provide a foundation, a first step towards building a loco and tender body for a L Class 4-4-0.   Etches have detail, tab and slot location, and come with notes identifying the parts and how they relate to each other.

Etches fit a heavily modified Farish Compound loco and tender chassis, Poole design, (not inc.).  The L class firebox is too small to accept the Farish motor.  The N Brass Tender Mounted Drive 28250 is one option to drive the loco.

Kit needs chassis, boiler, firebox front, fittings, adhesive/solder paint, number/ nameplates and transfers to complete.

A set of fittings are available from N Brass for the L class - smokebox door, chimney, dome, safety valve, sandbox lids, tender filler (all are 2019), along with a brake standard (2011), lamp irons (2227), pressed tender top with flair formed (7), front bogie kit (2368) and general fittings e.g. handrail wire (2281), handrail knobs (2280), vacuum pipes (2058).


Options for L class

28604  L class body etches.  16.00.

28605  L class fittings set (handrail knobs and wire not included).  25.00.





  For chimney dome and other L class parts see  SR Parts

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